Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco Visiting Distinguished Scholar, University of California at Berkeley (2015– )

Fellow, California Academy of Sciences (2015– )

Distinguished Consultant on TV Content, Discovery Communications (2012– )

Board of Advisors, Project Reason (2011– )

Board of Advisors, Scientific American (2011– )

Board of Advisors, Center for Communicating Science, School of Journalism, Stony Brook University
(2010– )

Science consultant, Star Trek, a Paramount motion picture (2009)

Honorary Member, Board of Advisors, PopTech Institute (2006– )

Co-Chair, Enceladus Focus Group (2006– )

CNN guest analyst and space/astronomy commentator, American Morning (2005–2007)

Vice Chair, Solar System Decadal Survey, National Academy of Sciences (2001–2002)

Cassini Science briefing to the U.S. House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics (1997)

Mars Sample Return Science and Implementation Committee, Member (1996)

Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Associate Editor (1995–1998)

Consultant, Contact, a Warner Brothers motion picture (1994)

Public Communication of NASA's Science, Drs. Carl Sagan and France Cordova, organizers. Invited participant (1994)

Cassini Science briefings to NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin (1994)

Cassini Science presentation to the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy (1993)

Solar System Exploration Subcommittee, NASA, Member (1992–1994)

Leader, Imaging Science Team, Cassini Mission (1990– )

Division of Planetary Sciences, AAS, Committee Member (1988–1991)

Leader, Voyager Imaging Team Rings Working Group, Neptune Encounter (1989)

Voyager Imaging Team, Member (1983–1989)